Check Out These Bloggers

The Carly Collective: Linocuts

Carly Casey is a fellow blogger in my Multimedia class.  I found her post about lino-cutting, an art form that involves carving linoleum and using pieces to stamp ink on paper or fabric.  She included a thorough description of each step in the process.  I thought the visual elements of the post really excelled its purpose.  Her inclusion of a how-to video and photo examples of pieces she made herself for an aesthetic layout that invited me to read more.

Stephanie Rossi: Travel Slideshow

Stephanie has led an interesting life from the looks of her blog.  One post that caught my eye was a slideshow featuring various locations of travels with her family.  Stephanie’s father is Joe Rossi, an outdoor hunting, fishing and cooking television show host.  Stephanie mentioned in another post that, “The show has become one of the most amazing parts about his life.”  This opportunity has allowed her to travel, film and photograph locations including Spain, Turks and Caicos, Utah, Lake Erie, Florida, Punta Cana, Belize, and Canada.


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