Title IX to Hold Annual Sexual Violence Awareness Concert

March 28, 2017

Pioneer Records will be holding its second annual Break the Silence concert Friday, March 31 at 6:30 p.m. at the Pittsburgh Playhouse featuring Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties and Drop the Act.  The event is in collaboration with Point Park’s Title IX office to raise awareness for sexual violence.

Samantha Bowes, public relations and marketing apprentice for Pioneer Records and senior sports, art and entertainment (SAEM) major said they are excited about booking their first touring act.

“Dan Campbell started Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties as a side project for a concept album with poetic lyrics that read like a story,” Bowes said.  “He always stays in character on stage, highlighting a story of self-struggle, depression, and not being afraid to get help.”

Campbell has been involved with raising awareness for other issues through his other band, The Wonder Years including animal violence, political greed and mental health.

Molly Knepper, director of booking and sales at Pioneer Records and junior SAEM major said that Drop the Act was another band they were looking forward to hosting on campus.

“We originally thought it would be way too expensive to book touring acts,” Knepper said.  “We reached out to the bands students sent us on Twitter and they said they would be able to work with us.”

Knepper knew Drop the Act from previous shows she had booked for them.  They are based out of New Castle, PA.  The band includes Matt Priscilla Jr. on lead vocals, Joshua Hoffman on bass guitar, Adam Alfano on drums and Adam Kaminski and Jacob Hoffman on guitar.  They have been playing together as a whole for nearly four years.  Joshua Hoffman said they work on writing their music as a group effort.

“We get our inspiration from bands like Yellowcard, New Found Glory and All Time Low,” Hoffman said.  “We just finished our album ‘Let’s Plan a Robbery’ and are in the process of finding a director for a music video of our new EP.”

Break the Silence is not their first exposure to activism through music.

“We’ve done shows for Relay for Life before, this will be our third concert for a cause,” Hoffman said.  “I’m a social worker so I deal with things like this every day.”

Elizabeth Rosemeyer, Title IX Coordinator for Point Park said she is really looking forward to this opportunity to raise awareness for an issue all universities face.

“This will be the largest awareness event we’ve done,” Rosemeyer said.

“We will have tables with information on how to handle situations of sexual violence, food, prizes and music for students to enjoy at the Playhouse.”

If students find they would like to get more involved in raising awareness for this issue, there are multiple clubs on Point Park’s campus they can become a part of.

“Not On My Campus, Her Campus and the Feminist Collective have all held events to bring to light the problem many campuses face,” Rosemeyer said.

Ed Traversari, an associate SAEM professor said Pioneer Records is happy to collaborate with other clubs and organizations on events.

“We were approached by the Title IX office last year to do a collaborative event,” Traversari said. “Students love music and we thought it would be a great learning opportunity; we encourage students to reach out to us with their ideas.”

Tickets are free to university students with a valid Point Park ID that can be picked up at the SAEM or Title IX offices and at the Playhouse. Tickets for non-students will be $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

“This is another opportunity to make the Playhouse more versatile,” Bowes said. “We are really encouraging students to come out and enjoy this indie/rock concert for a cause.”


Published in The Globe

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