Aperture / Bokeh

For these photos, I was able to experiment with multiple different apertures and focal lengths.

Labor Day, 2017

Aperture - Labor Day Parade Flags

F-stop – f5,  Exposure – 1/500, ISO – 100

Catching the political sign peeking through the flag-holders gave me an interesting perspective of the parade in downtown Pittsburgh.  The bright afternoon sun created vivid color contrast.

Cemetery Flowers

Aperture - Flowers

F-stop – f4.5,  Exposure – 1/25, ISO – 100

These flowers, in the Allegheny Cemetery downtown, created the perfect opportunity to practice isolation with depth of field. The direction of natural light created a great focal point for the image.

Alley Trash

Aperture - Trash

F-stop – f4.5,  Exposure – 1/50, ISO – 100

This image focuses on the wine box, a pun in some ways. Cleaning up trash in the city can be quite the “conundrum.”

Southside, 2017

Aperture - Bokeh Zach

F-stop – f4,  Exposure – 1/10, ISO – 1600

This photo features Zach against the ever-present lights and colors of the busy Southside of Pittsburgh.  The subtle Bokeh of the stoplights create a bright, yet soft background for the subject.  I love the graininess of the image, which creates a raw, industrial feel.

Cinema Lights

Aperture - Bokeh Theater

F-stop – f10,  Exposure – 1/25, ISO – 1600

This is an extreme blur of the Southside Cinema overhang lights, creating a unique neon bokeh affect.


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