For these images, I utilized different ISO settings to feature texture in my subjects.

Spider Eggs

ISO - Spider Web

F-Stop – f/5.6, Exposure – 1/100, ISO – 100

Caught a glimpse of spider eggs hatching.

Peeking Through the Leaves

ISO - Peeking

F-Stop – f/5.6, Exposure – 1/50, ISO – 200

Walking along a trail in Schenley Park, I noticed this interesting building down from the path.

City Grows

ISO - City Crows Crochet

F-Stop – f/4, Exposure – 1/60, ISO – 400

Crocheted, locally crafted cacti adorn the shelves alongside their live counterparts at City Grows in Lawrenceville, a quaint gardening shop along Butler Street.


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