Shutter Speed

Here are some photos where I utilized different shutter speeds for desired effect.

Wood Plane

Shutter - Lathe

F-Stop – f/10, Exposure – 0.6, ISO – 200

This photo shows a cherry wood slab being planed by hand, to create a smoother surface. By manipulating shutter speed, I was able to show the actual movement of the Stanley plane in a still photograph.

Traffic on Second

Shutter - Traffic

F-Stop – f/29, Exposure – 1.3, ISO – 200

This is an interesting photo of traffic whizzing by on Second Ave. By snapping this while moving and leaving the lens open, the end result was a unique depiction of city lights.

A Walk Through Schenley

Shutter - Zach and Jazzy

F-Stop – f/5.6, Exposure – 1/50, ISO – 200

I took this photo of Zach and Jazzy on a lazy Sunday stroll through the park. By using a faster shutter speed, I was able to capture a clear photo, despite them moving ahead.

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