Bellevue Man Waves Gun on Lincoln Avenue

Here is an example of a crime story I wrote from a court affidavit collected from the Allegheny County Courthouse. Dates have been changed. 

A Bellevue man, who was waving a stolen gun around outside of a CVS Pharmacy on
Lincoln Ave., was arrested yesterday on Washington Ave.

Neil Cameron Griffen, 19, was charged with receiving stolen property and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

“I want to tell my side of the story,” Griffen repeatedly told police upon transport to the Bellevue Police Station.

Officers Michael Dunker and Gary Neugebauer were advised by CVS employees that a tall black male wearing camo colored shorts was outside the store, waving a firearm.

Antoine Junior Henly was confronted by police for information on the perpetrator, when the initial caller approached and mentioned three other people had been present.

Officer James Dold pursued the three others on Kendall Ave. Griffen, fitting the previous description, had a black revolver with six live rounds of ammunition on his waistband recovered by police. More ammunition was found in his backpack.

While being handcuffed, Griffen mentioned he “just got this off of AJ.”

Griffen was advised to stay silent and placed into the rear of the police vehicle. The other two individuals, Jasmyne Kelley and Shavon Lofland, were also questioned on the scene about what happened.

Kelley said she had seen the exchange, while Lofland did not.

Griffen was transferred to Bellevue Police station, where he told police Henly had
mentioned to him on Facebook that he needed to get rid of a gun. Before being stopped by police, Griffen said he was walking to a friend’s house in McKee’s Rocks to sell the weapon.

Griffen stated he knew the gun had been stolen. Allegheny County 911 could confirm a reported burglary at 1623 Grandview Ave.

Griffen and Henly will both be transported to Allegheny County Jail. The court date is yet to be announced.

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