Pioneer Public – Michael Gieseke

When Dean of Student Life Michael Gieseke isn’t overseeing resident life, commuter services, health services or student activities, he’s taking calls from parents or reading emails about shenanigans that happened in the residence halls the previous evening.

“The rule of thumb is that I have no idea what my day is going to be for the most part,” Gieseke said in an interview last Monday at the Center for Media Innovation. “The unknown, I think, can be the most challenging – that and the parents believe it or not.”

Gieseke always knew he wanted to be a part of the education system, but it was following his graduate schooling when he realized he preferred a college atmosphere.

“I got to college myself, got involved with activities, events and realized I liked doing that,” Gieseke said.

In the ten years he’s spent on Point Park’s campus, his fondest memory is seeing the university progress into a real campus environment.

“I think I’ve appreciated, without a doubt, the growth that I have seen,” Gieseke said. “The idea of you all as students wearing Point Park gear, wearing the words ‘Pioneer’ and the Bison head really didn’t exist.”

Despite the upcoming break, Gieske will be working longer than students, though he mentioned he is able to get a lot more work done when the campus quiets down before the spring semester kicks into gear.

“I love you all and I’m glad that you’re here, I miss you when you’re gone for too long,” Gieske said. “That’s a nice time to be at the university because you we get a lot done, have a lot of conversations and plan for the future.”

Over the holiday, Gieseke is looking forward to traveling with his wife and three young boys to see their family in south Florida, a tradition they keep every December.

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