Practicum – Week 12

I contributed a lot of content to The Globe this week. I had a story on the front page, as well as a story in the opinions section and our monthly print of the arts & entertainment section.

My front page story cleared some confusion about proper graduation attire under the headline Paylo clarifies dress policy for grads.

I was really proud of my opinions piece, The Waitress Tales: sexual harassment, in which I responded to The New York Times’ article about sexual harassment in the restaurant industry, The Tipping Equation. This editorial caused a heavier response than my articles usually do. I was delighted to receive an email from one of the journalists, Rachel Abrams, appreciative to hear that it resonated so much with me.

My A&E story filled a full page, with photos I captured on Monday. I explored a few different book clubs within the Pittsburgh in Book clubs engage readers around the Pittsburgh area.

We are low on staff writers at the moment, adding extra responsibilities to our editorial board.

I also copy-edited the layout of each section on Monday evening.

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