Practicum – Week 14

This week at The Globe turned out really well considering the circumstances we started out with. Our News sections was completely absent of stories other than our typical United Student Government beat. Due to the announcement of the recent presidential election results, we decided to run an accompanying story about the new leadership.

I trekked over to the student center for their weekly meeting on the seventh floor and conducted three interviews back to back following the meeting. I then headed back over to The Globe offices to pull together my story, New leadership takes reins as President Bertha finishes term.

Following my article, I also worked on the Globe’s Point about group projects with the help of our editorial board.

After writing, I moved on to editing section layouts. I rechecked them Tuesday morning with the help of my Editor-in-Chief, Emily.

Overall, we put together a great paper under pressure. I’m proud of our writers and editors who pulled together content on the fly.

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