USG Election 2018: Presidential and VP candidates

March 20, 2018

Presidential Candidates:
Hayley Hoffman says that if she were elected United Student Government (USG) president, she would be the connecting voice between the Conservatory of Performing Arts (COPA) and the rest of the University.

“I can see students within COPA struggling without that voice; they can sometimes feel cut off from the university,” Hoffman, a sophomore stage management major and current USG president pro-tempore, said before the weekly USG meeting.

Hoffman joined USG in the fall of 2016. She currently serves on the Rules, Communications and Pioneer Community Day committees and previously served on the finance committee.

Hoffman said she would be able to take some of the leadership techniques she’s learned in her program to aid in the position of USG president. She’s also job shadowed with the Pittsburgh CLO and behind the scenes of the Broadway production of “Wicked.”

“Part of being a stage director is leading the production, not just as a liaison, but leading everyone to the end goal,” Hoffman said. “You have to separate your differences to get the job done. You can’t completely shut someone down without trying to understand why they feel a certain way.”

Kaylee Kearns is hoping to utilize the position of USG president to amplify commuter resources for students like her who have to trek longer distances to campus.

“There is so much we could do, but we really have to find out what the commuters want,” Kearns, sophomore sports, arts and entertainment management (SAEM) major and current USG vice president, said following the weekly USG meeting. “I think my first biggest push is going to be for a new commuter lounge.”

Kearns’ experience of participating in student government in high school, USG senator starting in fall 2016 and her current role as vice-president since last fall has given her a well-rounded perspective of student legislation.

“USG was a great way for me to get involved and make friends on campus,” Kearns said. “But it was also a way for me to help other students. We work as a whole, collectively between the four schools and get to hear everyone’s voice, working together toward a common goal.”

Kearns’ pursuit of an SAEM degree has attributed to her leadership skills.

“They try to push you to be a leader, to stand out, volunteer, and to get involved,” Kearns said. “That helped push me in the direction of wanting to continue to learn more about leadership.”

Vice-Presidential Candidate:
Brittany Arp believes communication is key in running a government for the people and looks forward to using that model as United Student Government vice president.

“I just really want to improve the relationship between USG and the students,” Arp, freshman political science and legal studies double major and current senator representing the School of Arts and Sciences, said in a phone interview on Monday. “USG can do so much for students, but I feel like there is a disconnect there and if we could bridge that gap everyone would be more prosperous.”

Arp said she immediately fell in love with Downtown Pittsburgh and Point Park.

“I just really wanted to be a member of the Point Park family,” Arp said. “As a small university, it feels more like home.”

Taking on the role of vice president would be a defining factor in solidifying that family relationship here for her.

Arp also serves on the rules committee. Looking forward, she hopes to continue into a career of politics, paying homage to role models like U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-PA, and U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-CA.

“Whether it be in the spotlight or behind the scenes, I haven’t decided yet, but I definitely want to keep being involved in politics.”

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