Post-Gazette Internship – Week 4!

Monday 6/11

It was a big day for international news, with the Singapore Summit! This day that will surely go down in history. But now, we wonder, what will come of it?

Today, I worked on spreadsheets to organize my larger projects, “Sounds of Pittsburgh” and “PG Vs.” I also did some preliminary research in the previous years, 2016 and 2017, of “Top Workplaces” and visited the websites of the eight businesses I will be contacting.

Tuesday 6/12

I read a lot of the coverage regarding the Summit. I also searched social media for story ideas.

I continued my project work as well, specifically focusing on “Top Workplaces” today.

At 4:30, I had an intern meeting regarding a collaborative project with all of the interns. Fifteen interns will be profiling towns within multiple counties surrounding Pittsburgh. I will be visiting Blairsville, Pa for two days in July to speak with residents and visit staples in the community.

Wednesday 6/13

I had a web team meeting today where we discussion the best way to share content on social media.

I also did some research and planning today for the projects I’m currently working on:

– Sounds of Pittsburgh
– PG Vs.
– Top Businesses
– Small Town Profile, Blairville, PA

To finish off the day, I did a quick write-up on another bear sighting in the Pittsburgh region. Check it out!


Thursday 6/14

Today was a somber day in the newsroom, with the firing of political cartoonist, Rob Rogers.  The story broke midday, and national news outlets had picked it up by the next morning. Rogers had worked for the Post-Gazette for over a quarter of a century. The Post-Gazette publisher, John R. Block and Editorial Director Keith Burris, had allegedly fired him for his political opinions.

On a lighter note, I wrote this light-hearted piece about Gov. Tom Wolf’s new campaign ad.

I also conducted interviews for my “Top Workplaces” article.

The interns also had a meeting about effective use of Facebook Live, a requirement for web interns specifically. You’ll see mine popping up sometime in July!

Friday 6/15

I started out the day organizing my various interviews from the week.

The Newspaper Guild held a union meeting around lunchtime, with free pizza!

I also had group meeting with Meagen and the web interns. We shared our project progress, our thoughts on the internship so far and had the opportunity to ask questions on the Rogers situation.

Overall, I had a very busy week! It’s looking like this upcoming week will be just as filled!

Stay tuned 🙂

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