Post-Gazette Internship – Week 5!

Monday 6/18

We had a Q&A session with the PG Editorial Director, Kieth Burris this morning to address the Rob Rogers ordeal.

I had a meeting today to launch my “Sounds of Pittsburgh” project, an interactive web feature that focuses on the sound and architecture of a few key spots around Pittsburgh.

I’ll be working with a web designer and photographer/videographer to make this concept a reality.


Tuesday 6/19

I spent most of the day today reaching out to locations for filming permission regarding the “Sounds of Pittsburgh” project.


Wednesday 6/20

I had a few interviews today regarding the “Top Workplaces” projects, and heard back from a few locations for the “Sounds of Pittsburgh” project. I also wrote a light-hearted post about a local woman who reached out on social media to find the owner of a lost pair of wedding shoes.

Thursday 6/21

I spent most of the day today sharing stories on social media and laying out plans for my Blairsville story.

Friday 6/22

Today, I was able to go out on an assignment regarding therapy dogs at UPMC Gilman Center. I also wrote a follow-up post to my first PG story. Kennywood’s Phantom’s Revenge roller coaster placed 3rd in the country.


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