Post-Gazette Internship – Week 7!

Monday 7/2

The web interns asked to have a meeting with our supervisor to clarify our roles.

I also did some social media digging and worked on my Top Workplaces story.

Tuesday 7/3

I had a Sounds of Pittsburgh meeting at 11:30, where I spoke with my photographer to clarify details.

I also sat in on an Intern project meeting from 1:00-2:30, where we are digging through and verifying posts on social media and speaking with businesses about their policies.

I wrote a standalone story about a holiday parade in Canonsburg, pa.

Also, still typing away at the Top Workplaces story.

Wednesday 7/4

Off today for the holiday, but still worked on pulling my Top Workplaces and Blairsville stories together.

Thursday 7/5

We had a moment of silence in the newsroom in remembrance of the journalists who lost their lives in a recent attack on the Capital Gazette newsroom.

I worked on the Facebook digging project.

Friday 7/6

I tied up the week working on three projects – Blairsville, top workplaces and social media digging.



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