Post-Gazette Internship – Week 8!

Monday 7/9

I started my day finalizing an outline for our Facebook firing story (details to come!)

I had a web meeting at 10:30 this morning, where I shared my progress on the Sounds of Pittsburgh project. I also shared some of my notes from the webinar I attended two weeks ago about media tools for digital journalists.

Following the meeting, the web interns worked together making the final contacts for our project.

At 2:15 p.m., the interns met with the Executive Editor, David Shribman, in his office. We spoke about our experiences thus far, and had the opportunity to ask questions and give suggestions.

Following the meeting, web interns continued research on the project.

Tuesday 7/10

Today, we pretty much spent most of the day organizing our assigned sections for this co-written project. We made more calls and worked on how to organize the story.

I also organized photo and video requests for my Top Workplaces story.

Wednesday 7/11

Today, I continued work with the other web interns on our Facebook firing story. We did a substantial amount of editing had discussed the ethical issues surrounding the piece.

I planned a meeting on Monday to begin the final phase of the Sounds of Pittsburgh project.

Thursday 7/12

I spent much of the day out of the office to live tweet a record sale called “Dollarpalooza.” Jerry Weber is a Pittsburgh icon who closed his original shop, Jerry’s Records, in 2007. He is now hosting a three-day dollar sale to unload 100,000 pieces from his vinyl collection.

Savannah, a fellow intern, helped out in the office by taking my tweets and embedding them into an article.

I really had a blast covering this event!

Friday 7/13

I tied up the week working on three projects – laying out the Blairsville story, submitting my top workplaces story about benefits and editing the Facebook firing story.


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