Post-Gazette Internship – Week 9!

Monday 7/16

Today, I worked on my Sounds of Pittsburgh project with my mentor.

I also had a chance to board the largest steamboat ever built, the American Queen. I interviewed an entertainer, a guest and the captain. I wrote a decent-sized story about the docking in Pittsburgh. What a cool opportunity!

Tuesday 7/17

Today I did some social media digging and worked on my Blairsville story.

I also had a chance to sit down with Tony on the editorial board to get some tips on an upcoming book review I took on. He even offered me an opportunity to write reviews even after I’m done with my internship! He also shared with me a podcast series he’s working on that he’d like to rope me in to help out.

I can’t wait! Book reviewing was something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember.

Wednesday 7/18

I finally finished up my Blairsville piece today at 1,400 words. I’m so excited for you all to read it!

I also had a brief web team meeting where we got some tips on how to effectively use newsletters to reach our audience.

To finish up, I worked on edits for my Top Workplaces story that I submitted last week.

Thursday 7/19

This morning, I continued editing / researching my Top Workplaces story.

I worked on uploading my photos from my trip to Blairsville and spoke with a reporter regarding edits.

I also finished up some details on my Sounds of Pittsburgh project.

Friday 7/20

Today, I started out learning the process of email newsletters with Mike for the daily PG Feed. It’s structured in a more personal voice that allows our content to be reached by a larger audience.

I made edits and organized content for my Sounds of Pittsburgh project and Blairsville story.

I also worked on some preliminary research for my upcoming book review of The Seventeenth Generation The Lifework of Rabbi Walter Jacob By Eric Lidji.

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