Small Town Highlight – Blairsville, Pennsylvania

Blairsville embarks on redevelopment while embracing its natural strengths

November 3, 2018

Daniel Kelley left his hometown of Blairsville 35 years ago, but felt right at home when he moved back in his retirement in 2015.

“It was like putting on an old coat,” said Mr. Kelley, 66, who worked at Penn State Hershey Medical Center. “It was comfortable; it fit well. I missed the small-town feel, and most of my friends from high school were still here.”

He spends much of his time cleaning up the community. He picks up trash in the park along the riverbank, so much so  that local residents have started referring to the area by his name. Kelley Park stands adjacent to the the Blairsville Riverfront Trail…

See this and more at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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