Education is not a waste for the modern woman

January 22, 2019

Recently, I watched a video from ABC News’ 1961 archive – an episode of Woman’s World titled “Is education a waste of time for married women?” The segment featured two educated women debating whether women should educate themselves.

The school teacher believed, quite ironically, that highly educated women were frustrated and unhappy to balance the duties at home along with a career.

And nearly 60 years later, as an educated woman, I reflect on this week’s issue with delight.

In the wake of a weekend filled with women’s marches around the world, this special “Women’s Issue” of The Globe is meant to shine a light on the fierce females who have made a mark at Point Park. I’m honored to have these trailblazers grace our newsprint.

As a woman filled with ambition, I’ve felt a tremendous sense of solidarity in my fellow female leaders, breaking the mold of what it’s supposed to mean to “be a woman.” It’s about time women begin defining themselves instead of having their role decided for them by others.

Despite all the terrible things to fear in this world today, I am moved by the grit of women banding together across borders and across generations. They are forcing forward societal change, pushing to be recognized, marching for quality, striving for the opportunities they’ve deserved all along.

Having the chance to pursue an education is what I value most from our modern equality movement. When women can discuss their ideas and goals in professional fields, all of society can benefit from a varied perspective. And that’s exactly what the women in this issue have done.

Growing up, my mother had always instilled in me the idea that I could pursue my dreams, educate myself and make a difference. It is essential this idea permeates as we move forward in this broken world.

It’s essential we instill that same confidence in our daughters someday.

We have a long way to go, but we’ll keep marching on. Because it’s equality that makes for a better future.


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